Cooking without fats

Centurion Group promotes a healthy lifestyle through healthy cooking world .
Thanks to the unique soil from now on you can cook without fat, oil or water.
Vitamins , minerals and flavors are optimally preserved .

To cook without fats , proceed as follows : – Preheat the empty cooking pot about 1 to 2 minutes at medium speed– Place the meat in the middle of the cooking pot and put the lid on the pot for 3 minutes– The meat is slowly solve itself from the ground
– After frying, you should put the hearth on smaller step to save energy

Practical: As the meat loosens itself from the ground, you have less work when cleaning the pot.You can cook your meat in various ways:
– Steak or fillet : After cooking the meat , you take the lid off the pan. Turn the oven on smaller stage and let the meat simmer for about 6 minutes.
– Roast : Roast both sides of the meat about 25 minutes.