Cookware set 12 pieces

Body: 18/10 Stainless steel with 1 mm of wall thickness.
In-outside finish: mirror
Practical pouring rim
Revolutionary 3-layer sandwich base for fast and energy saving cooking.
Glass cover with thermo knob, detachable for easy cleaning.
Glass cover with vent, decreasing the pressure and reducing the chance of boiling over.
Easy to clean and hygienic materials.
Do not use sharp items on the bottom to reduce chance of damage.
The cover including the thermo knob are not suitable to use in the dishwasher.
Prices depending on exact type of article.

975,- and 1475,- euro.

This is a small selection of our wide range of products we can order and supply for our clients.
For example Coffee machines, Porcelain, Crystal and so on.
The sky is the limit.

*Centurion Group is a reseller of products purchased from different wholesales.
*Prices and Technical details are given and conceived by the wholesale.